Media Bots

Everything you read on the subject of electroconvulsive therapy sounds the same. Are all of the journalists who write about it on autopilot? I even watched some news clips, including 60 Minutes. The same. Just change the names, use a thesaurus to swap a few words, and the article is done. They might as well call each story “Insert Name Here” and be done with it if they aren’t going to do any real reporting.

This blog is more for me than anyone else. I’m afraid I’m going to forget things when I have the treatments and this will help me remember. Or at least it will be a record in case something bad happens. I need to rediscover my optimism about this. Right now, I’m just scared.

I called in sick to work today. I’m still trying to hold down my job but it’s not easy.

The beginning

This is my blog about my journey with [tag]electroconvulsive therapy[/tag].

My name is Ashley.

After having suffered from terrible depression for a long time, nothing has worked. The meds, therapy, nothing. So I’ve decided to try electroconvulsive therapy.

I’ve read a lot of websites, lots of personal stories.

I know that [tag]memory loss[/tag] is a real possibility, which is why I’ve set up this blog. A friend of mine is a techie and set it up for me, got me the domain name, and made it all very easy. Thanks to Greg for the help!

I start treatments a week from tomorrow, and will have them three times a week. Is it a bad omen that I start the day before Halloween? Trick or treat.

I’m putting my faith in my psychiatrist, who has assured me they’re safe and they’ll work. I trust him. I hope that’s not foolish, because I’ve put my trust in men before and they’ve fucked me over.

Oh, by the way, I use graphic language, so if the f word bothers you, you might want to leave now. I use it a lot.

Here’s to electricity and hoping it brings the relief I seek. I’m optimistic and almost relieved now that I’ve made my decision. I think I’ve done a thorough job in researching all the pros and cons.


This is my personal blog about my journey into the world of electroconvulsive therapy. I hope it will also chronicle my eventual exit from the world of depression. I’ve been depressed a long time, am one of those with treatment-resistant depression (meaning the meds don’t work, or only work a short time), and electroconvulsive therapy is a carrot on the end of a stick for this miserable pony.