Alien in Atlanta

Who am I, at least before I have the [tag]electroconvulsive therapy[/tag]? I hope I’ll be the same person after, but I read things from others who have had it and some of them just aren’t the same. I have to keep trusting my doctor and just put my faith in him. I’m not religious, so it’s not like I can put my faith in Jesus or something. Maybe psychiatry will be my new religion.

I’m approaching 30 years old, unmarried, no kids. I live in Atlanta but am not a native. I’m kind of embarrassed to say I moved here to chase a boyfriend. That’s just so lame, but it’s the truth. When I get better, I’d like to get out of here. It’s too hot and I hate the fact that Georgians seem to think you’re an alien if you don’t drink sugar in your tea. They’re so into “sweet tea” that you have to specifically say “no sugar” when pulling through the drive through for an iced tea. I’m certain that in some police database, my auto license says “Must be Al Qaeda. She drinks tea with no sugar.”

I didn’t really “follow” the boyfriend. He invited me after moving here for his big corporate job. Said come on down to Georgia, the magnolias are sweet and there’s hardly a winter. He didn’t mention the sugary sweet tea they try to make you drink.

So I packed up, left my family and friends up north and headed to the home of the Braves. I hate that Tomahawk chop Braves fans do, along with their sweet tea. In fact, you might have noticed, I’m not particularly crazy (ha) about Georgia. People are a bit sugary here as well, and it seems a tad fake. Like a smile on the face and a knife to the back while you’re choking on sugary tea.

I found a job working in a mid-sized company, an administrative assistant. Somehow that seems a waste of a college education, but I’m working my way up.

The boyfriend didn’t work out. He turned out to be a prick, asked me to move here, then I found out he already had a “friend” he was cozy with. What kind of asshole says “Ooh, baby I love you and miss you. Please uproot everything, move here and we’ll continue our lives together” and has a whore on the side?

Oh, a typical man. That’s right.

I once told my psychiatrist that I really, really wanted to be a lesbian because men just suck. My lesbian friends seem so much more emotionally together, they don’t lie and cheat and they’re happier. Unfortunately, I’m not attracted to women in that way, or I’d be on the first dyke train out of town.

So here I am, approaching the proverbial 3-0, in a town I don’t especially like, my boyfriend turned out to be a cad, and I don’t really like my work all that much. Did my sucky life cause me to be depressed, or did the depression cause me to have a sucky life?

I think it’s choice 1: the chicken, also called [tag]my horrible life[/tag], came first. The depression followed, but caused my neurons to start behaving badly. That really makes no sense at all, but that’s the story. So says my psychiatrist and just about every book on mental illness you can read. (And I’ve read them all!)

I still suspect the sweet tea, but I’m an angry straight woman, so what do I know?

What I do know is I’ve been depressed for a long time and the medications haven’t done shit for me. So now it’s time to try the drastic approach. Drastic is another of the words that turn up in the media stories on the subject. Drastic, last resort, desperate.

They describe it well enough, but how about mixing up the media talk once in a while? Maybe more colorful language? Maybe something more sedate? I’m not a journalist, but I have to wonder if all those articles were written by the same person. You wade through them and it’s like being in Stepford Land, where the women dress the same, talk the same, and fawn over their husbands the same. I’m sure they all drink sweet tea out of identical Waterford glasses.


  1. Paul says

    The loss of personal identity is one of the things that is often complained about by sufferers of the ECT assault on their well-being. It took me years to recover enough of my memory to begin to reform my sense of identity. However I lost most of my academic learning and had to learn it all over again on my own.

    I would never encourage anyone to have ECT and am totally opposed to it being given legal status such that it can be given against the wishes of the recipient. To me that is barbarism.


  2. brainfingerprints says

    Meke sure you have not eaten or are not squeamish. I has ect .ECT is one of the worst barbaric treatments that can be assaulted upon a person. Yes I am using the term assault. The brain is attacked with electricity inducing a grand Mal seizure. Do you know how it works, the blood is expelled from the brain, the body’s reaction to the injury in progress. Then blood fills the collapsed blood vessels and they hemorrhage. The seizures will tear muscles and break teeth if you are lucky. I know I had ECT against my will. I was over 18 years of age never had a mental evaluation before in the hospita where the ECT was done. Hell I was in the hospital for being beaten up very badly. Then in comes the Psychiatrist with a syringe. I was drugged up and ordered to sign a release form. Some release form I was on the list to receive ECT the next day. Yea,they threw me in a padded room drugged me up took me upstairs to destroy my brain. Not before I bashed the ECT attendant on the head & he was a patient receiving stitches in his head while they electrocuted my brain. When my father found out he ordered the Dr, to cease the shocks but the Dr did not listen. Wanna know why because my Mom was Fucking the Dr,s to obtain Morphine. She was a prostitute and a drug addict. You read right. I can prove every word I have said I knew the names of teachers Doctors Lawyers dentists she had sex with to obtain narcotics. I was working and planned to move out. They tried to silence me they succeeded for a while. The Dr’s long dead and the hospital still does ECT as standard practice. If you are considering ECT better to walk in a black neighborhood and yell the N word, you will be better off.

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  4. Ashley says

    This is like reading a mirror image almost of myself down to the age &name with some things different but in there own way the sometimes I wish I could give life to someone who actually wants it has more to live for in this completely fucked up world because I fucking hate the ppl myself & everything that makes this prison I live in.

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